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How to make daily risk free crypto arbitrage

I have been asked to do a L7.trade tutorial by some of you.

So I will do it with great pleasure because I really think that this is a GREAT platform and a UNIQUE opportunity that will not last for long. I mean, you can achieve that kind of return (up to 4% per day) with 0 risk for long! The market will regulate and these opportunity will go.

My profitability results for 16 days:

10.08.2019 25.08.2019 Profit %
0.092 BTC 0.19 BTC 0.098 106

I earned for 16 days — 1000$ (0,098 btc * 10400 = 1000).
Screenshots of input / output operations:


First: what is arbitrage trading ?

Arbitrage trading consists of buying an asset a certain price and selling it at the same time at a better price, making an instant profit with no risk.

Arbitrage trading exists when the market is not perfect. The more efficient the market is the more difficult it is to execute an arbitrage. It’s nearly impossible for a retail investor to execute an arbitrage on the stock exchange or the forex today .

But as you know crypto is still in its infancy and the prices of crypto assets might be very different from on exchange to another.

So you could, in theory, buy Bitcoin on one exchange and sell it on another exchange for a better price. In theory only because you would have to have an account on a lot of exchanges and you won’t be able to buy and sell at the exact same time on both exchange (you would have to send the BTC from one exchange to another and it takes time), so you will take a risk.

What is L7.trade

L7.trade is a platform that permit all of us to execute arbitrage trades !

With this platform you can buy low on one exchange and immediatly sell higher on another plateform. It’s a risk free arbitrage.

In reality that’s more complex than that. The platform uses agents that will execute the buy and sell trade at the exact same time for you. For their service they will earn a share of the profit. And the platform will also take a piece of this profit. Basically, you will keep one third of it (but it’s more then 1% per trade on average). A after the trade the platform acts as a clearing house : sending the crypto to the one who sold it and usd to to one that bought it. In 60 to 90 min the whole process will executed and you will have your crypto plus your share of profit back in your wallet, ready to execute another trade.

Here are the current profit rate (it varies every minute) :

1% per trade, risk free, it’s impossible, it’s a SCAM ?

Absolutly not. The site is legit. This returns are great but they will not last.  The more efficient the market will become and the more people will use this platform (unfortunalty…) the less the return of risk free arbitrage will be ! So we have to profit from this opportunity NOW. And I plan to go all in on this plateform !

The famous public trader Rafael Mendonça works on the L7 platform!

How to do it ?

First you need to subscribe to the plateform : click on the «logging logo»


Then deposit the coins you want to trade. I deposited XLM because you can start to trade with only 20 XLM.
I bought a coin XLM from a credit card, through an exchanger Bestchange.

Click on the replenish button. You will receive the address of the coin, which must be indicated in the exchanger.

Than you can start to trade. Go on Trade-Cycle

Now chose the coin want to arbitrate (the one you desposited) : XLM here

Chose the amount of your trade (here 0 on the screen because i have a trade already running with all my wallet. You will see your wallet figure)

Then choose the exchange where the XLM will be sold (highest price): here 0.0933 on bithumb

Do the same thing with the echange where the coin will be bought (lowest price) : here 0,0875.

Then the site will show you the profit made by the trade (these are the figures of another trade I made):

The platform simulate the impact of the trade : here I will spend 20 XLM and earn 20.2776747 XLM (+1,4%).

Valide and …That’s all !

The plateform does all the process !

You have to wait until the XML are back to your wallet to start another transaction !

I hope this post helps. 

I would be glad if you are interested in this platform if you could use my referral link to subscribe.

PS : when you register check the spam mailbox, sometimes their emails end in it.

Good risk free arbitrages !

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  1. Awesome thank you will register later and try it thank you

  2. I followed your link to 4 coins. I like everything for now. It’s especially good that with the phone, without interrupting work, I extend auto trading and that’s it.

  3. The topic is very interesting and relevant as long as exchanges and crypto exist, untwist it, write, spread more! Itself did not arbitrate precisely because of all the technical difficulties and nuances, it was easier to trade

  4. Greetings! I have such a profit (%) from 12.08 to 21.08:

    BTC (Bitcoin) 36.3
    BCH (Bitcoin Cash) 27.7
    LTC (Litecoin) 29.2
    ETH (Ethereum) 35.5
    DASH (DASH) 33.03
    XRP (Ripple) 23.1

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